E's Navigate Graduation

Tonight was graduation for E from Navigate which is HPC's Summer Intern program. It's a formal affair for the students and E felt like her Inner Mermaid was calling to her...

She found this dress at the BRDC Boutique, someone had donated it with the tags still on it. The first time she saw it several months back, she went crazy "Oh my gosh mom, I love that dress! I wonder if Pastor Craig would let me take it for Navigate Graduation?" She wasn't even in Navigate at the time but sure enough, he let her. It was a little too big so I had to alter it by hand (a tailor quoted me $100 to alter it because it would have to be taken apart due to how detailed the beading was) and I spent DAYS working on it..BUT a poochy spot on the side had to be fixed, before I could let her make her grand Mermaid entrance at the graduation and that is what I am doing in the picture.

Evangeline and Dean both looking really great.

My niece Megan looking beautiful for the Graduation and Steele, who wasn't quite ready to go yet.

E and the boys...


Anonymous said…
Congratulations my beautiful grandaughter! I have the most beautiful grandchildren in the world! Big hug & kisses! Love GranMa.
Jennifer said…
Beautiful kids! They are gorgeous. I love that last photo!
Karen said…
Beautiful! I can't believe Megan! You are a great mom, Sue!!

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