Active Waiting

Anthony Evans spoke at church yesterday, it was AMAZING! He talked about Active waiting, told the story of the 10 Leapers who Jesus said to "go show themselves"-action by them before the miracle. Mary and Martha and the Tomb of Lazarus "Roll away the stone" -action again that he told them to do and Moses at the Red sea, "stretch out your staff" THEN God parted the waters. So in all these cases, God could have just done the miracle but instead he asked the receiver to take action instead of just waiting for the miracle. They had to be a part of it.

He also told a story about one of his horses. He was trying to lead her past all the short grass to a field full of really high grass but no matter what he did, she would not follow him to it. He tried everything and all she would do is keep her head down eating the short, dry, not so great grass when only a few feet away was better grass. We are like that so many times. We settle for the short grass instead of following God to the field he has for us to eat from.

THAT was some powerful stuff.

He also asked if anyone was there that needed courage to step out, or needed to know what God wanted them to step out into, what was God saying to actively wait on? I already have the answers to those questions for me, Adopting a child with AIDS from Africa is what I feel God wants me to do. BUT since Dean is not ready for that yet, I prayed God would deal with his heart and mine so that while I wait I know how to be active helping AIDS orphans now.

Isiah 40:31 is the scripture everyone refers to when talking about "waiting"

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don't get tired,
they walk and don't lag behind. (the Message translation)

It doesn't say after they wait they will run, walk, spread their wings, it says those who wait WILL.

Such good stuff.

So, I will try to help AIDS orphans right now by asking all of you to participate in Children's Cups 40Days of Prayer for the Children which starts August 1st. I love love love this organization because they feed, educated and give medical care to children in Swaziland, most of which are AIDS orphans. I know these people, I know their hearts. If you don't already support them monthly you should. Click HERE to do that. They are doing great work and I am so proud to call them friends. Click HERE to sign up to pray.

Also, here are some other great organizations helping AIDS orphans, please support them financially, even $5 or $10 a month is huge!

A Hope for Children

Hope Chest

Positively Adopted

Project Hopeful


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