Slangin' some fresh Christianese

I have some new Slang terms that I coined while on break. Ed Young Jr. made an instructional video for church leaders where he talks about preachers that say "crap, sucks", etc. and tells them not too. No, I'm not a preacher, I also don't like the word "sucks" but everyone knows I say Crap so since I thought the video was silly I figured I'd have fun with it and create some new words for preachers to use..and for me to use :-)

Fry Daddy Cooker (when you stump your toe or break something kinda valuable)

Sargent Pepper ( use this in place of the S or D word, it's casual)

Farfignugan (Actual meaning:"The completion of the act of rubbing jellied figs in to ones hair and underarms". Great word!! My shank friends will appreciate me pulling this one out from the 80's)

Barbara Streisand, (Yes, I stole this one from Rush Limbaugh, I used to listen to him religiously for over 10 yrs, and Evangeline really did think this is what B.S. stood for! ha!)

and the big daddy expletive to be used for very special occasions..

Johnny Cockran


Anonymous said…
I can't wait to use Sargent Pepper.
You know S & D are my favs. These are hillarous. I like Fry daddy cooker, and Johnny Cockran too.
Fry daddy cooker is probably the best as you can say it real slow, FRRRY DAAADy Coooker!
daphne said…
My middle child (age 7) asked me to stop saying crap because it makes her want to say it and she does not think she should. Crap. I mean, Sargent Pepper??

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