I love my TOMS. I prefer the Canvas over any of the other styles, so I got a pair of SERVE Red ones, as I like to call them. When I saw Tori O. wearing these a few weeks back with her SERVE shirt, I knew I had to steal her look.

E got the "Villa" style. These have statistics all over them, "If the World was a village of 100 people" so it has stuff written on it like "1 would have AIDS, 3 are slaves, 40 have no shoes.." really cool shoe.

TOMS are freaky comfortable and just knowing that when I buy a pair of shoes for $45.00 a person that doesn't have shoes, gets a pair, that makes them even better.

In Ethiopia, where TOMS gives out shoes, many kids and adults are without shoes and get a very debilitating disease called Podoconiosis, watch this video...

People get overwhelmed with all the issues in the world that need help, they think there is no way they can make a difference but we all shop, we all wear shoes, so why not buy a pair of shoes that when you do, that purchase puts a pair of shoes on a persons feet who doesn't have any?

Like I tell Evangeline, what we buy and don't buy says alot about what we value. I try to purchase with a conscious..TOMS is doing a good thing.

Buy some, you will love them!

Update, 6/21/09: I couldn't post this yesterday but we got Dean some too for Fathers Day, the Denim ones and he loves them!


Unknown said…
We have been TOMS fans for awhile now, but since starting our adoption from Ethiopia, I can't help but wonder if when we buy TOMS if our child or a child's relative is receiving a pair because of our purchase! What a great lesson to teach our children.

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