New House

Serious Curb appeal!

When you walk in my door, Africa greets you..welcome!

My living room, note the Rooster in it's rightful place!

And now I have a wall above my toilet just the right size for my Frodo poster. It's like that space was made for him. Just like my friend Karen who has a picture of Elvis lacquered on wood above hers, sometimes you just know it's right...

My back is still way sore, but this house is wonderful and I thank God for it.

I'll be back blogging as soon as I have some real time. Got a lot I want to talk about but there just hasn't been the time to really do it.

Rock on!


jennifer maggio said…
the Matt family said…
i love it! your house is beautiful... me are so happy for you!!!!
Erin Moore said…
Looks great! I can't believe how quickly you put it together! Amazing unpacking skills!
Karen said…
I love it. Where is it? I do love Frodo in the bathroom.
Elysa said…
Awesome! And where in HECK did you get that AMAZING Africa painting? SO LOVING IT!!!!

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