Midnight Outreach with NCC

We had a group here from National Community Church last Friday night that went with us on Midnight Outreach. They were led by Pastor Joel, who was way cool and the team was so helpful and eager to serve.

Of course we hit the Top Ten bar and the bouncers were happy to see us as always. They love the chocolate we bring them but one of them requested fruit next time..He's trying to slim down. I would totally love to do a fruit outreach ;-) Anyway, This is a picture of some of our small or normal size guys posing with the huge bouncers of the Top Ten. Pastor Joel is almost as tall but not quite (back right corner).

After Top Ten we went to the Alamo Hotel as usual. We had gotten word that the owner of the Alamo had kicked a group out last Monday night that were trying to do outreach there. He told them that we were not welcome back because when Gustav came and we gave all the tenants food and supplies, the tenants left trash everywhere. But we went any way and prayed we could still do our normal Midnight Outreach.

We drove in, everyone got out and started walking around giving out Chocolate and Roses, gift bags to the kids and inviting people to church. Dean saw and Indian man walking up and asked him if he would like some Chocolates,

"No! I don't want nothing from you people!"

"Why? It's free." Dean responded.

"I don't take nothing for free! Why are you people here?" the guy said.

"We come out once a month and bring Chocolates to the guys, Roses to the ladies, gifts to the kids, and invite people to church, pray with them, stuff like that. We pick up here on Sunday if you want to come to church." Dean said.

The guy then told him that he was the owner of the Alamo, yea, the one who kicked the group out on Monday night. He also told Dean that giving stuff to these people only made them not work. But every time the guy would try to be harsh and mad, Dean would just talk to him normal and by the end of the conversation the guy was allowing Dean to put a sign up in the lobby letting people know that we pick up there on Sundays.

Dean treated this angry man just like we treat the pimps, bouncers, drug dealers, users and the homeless guys we encounter and reach out to on Midnight Outreach-with Kindness and respect, and in so doing, this owner of the Alamo's angry heart soften.

We also received some good Bar B Q from some people staying at the Alamo. They were cooking it outside their room in the parking lot. We went up to them, gave them chocolates and the lady a rose and before long we were all praying together. As we were leaving the guy came up to Donna and gave her this plate for the team. It was so touching because these people gave out of their lack (if you have ever been to the Alamo, you know what I'm talking about) but they wanted to bless us and it truly was a great blessing.

I have said it before and I will say it many more times. I am so grateful that HPC lets us do this outreach. I love my church.


Anonymous said…
It was so great to be with you all! Our team is still talking about the midnight outreach. It really inspired and challenged us.

That picture of the pork is making me hungry all over again!!! Pastor Joel
Herstorygirl said…
Me, too!!!!

Pastor Joel and the team were awesome! Amazing night. =)
Elysa said…
Love conquers all!

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