Life in the break

So this "break" is winding down. By next weekend I should not only have a lap top but also a desk top computer. I've been able to go to the library and get on the computer and also like now, friends like Summer Kelly and Jennifer Jarreau let me come over and use theirs so with that and having access to e-mail and some Internet on my phone, it's not like I have been on a complete fast but whatever you want to call it, I am glad it will be over soon.

We are moving this week! Yea, we found a great house, it's within walking distance of Walmart and a little seafood restaurant! Good good. God really does take care of us and I want to give all glory to him for us finding a great house and having the money to get it.

So, I have started to pack, Abel is a great packer so is Evangeline, Steele not so much :-) We will be moving on Wednesday night if anyone wants to come help us :-)

I have so much inside that I want to blog about. I really feel like God has a lot for me to write. From politics to boys with third nipples I have had many topics I wanted to blog about but couldn't and it's kinda bubbling over...see you all in a couple days..after we get moved and I get my new computers.

Till then Rock on!


ok, dont know about the boys with the third nipple thing.......i mean, can christians say nipple?
Erin Moore said…
oh my gosh, I love these pictures!

have you found that you have had more time without your beloved computer? I was just reflecting back on my life a few years ago (before I read blogs and twittered) and I was thinking, boy, I use to have a lot more time - I wondered if the computer was sucking all of my time up. I should try to kick the habit for a week and see what happens.

Oooh - that sounds scary.
Karen said…
Where is the house? Text me.

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