I used to not have a car..

I left home at 17 and started working at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for $4.50 and hour. My first room mate lived in a one bedroom apartment and I slept on the couch. I worked at Swaggart's for 4 years and got up to $7.50 an hour before I left.

When I was 20 I went to work at Comtel, which later became Worldcom. (yes, THE worldcom and Bernie Ebbers was our big boss. He was very nice the couple of times I met him) I still only made $7.50 an hour, and now I could ride the city bus to work but for most things I had to rely on people for rides A LOT!! It was humiliating.

I couldn't save money. I wanted to go out to eat with my friends in the youth group that lived at home in the suburbs and went to college. They all went to eat at Rax after church or Chili's. They drove cars given to them by their parents, the same parents that paid for them to go to college and live in the dorms.

But my parents couldn't afford any of that. I quit high school in the 11th grade, moved away from home and went to work. So, I was needy. Groceries, clothes, rides, money, I always borrowed money from people. I was that girl who didn't have a car, never had money and depended on the handouts and kindness of others to make it through each day. I was that girl that could have NOT gone out to eat with her friends, could have saved and bought a car but instead acted irresponsibly.

My mom sold me her old Mazda GLC once, I never completed paying for it before it died. Once a boyfriend gave me his old Chevet (which I was driving one day and the hood flew up and hit the windshield! I promptly tied that sucker down with a rope!) then my dad gave me another old car years later and when he did I gave the Chevet away.

When Dean and I got married I was 27 years old, he was 22 and neither of us had a vehicle.

The other day I was giving *Rachel a ride home from church. She needed to stop at the dollar store for pull ups, then the convenience store for Cigarettes. She offered me gas money for taking her these places, I refused it. I used to be her.

God is so gentle and kind, his people shine brightest when they are giving and knowing HE will repay. Thank you friends and family that gave me rides, lent or gave me money, extended grace to me when I acted irresponsibly and loved me even when I was a burden. You shined and now I get to do the same for people, thank you for being Jesus to me.


Elysa said…
Beautifully honest and a good reminder.

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