I think it is arrogant to be "offended". It implies that you are somehow in a position of superiority. You're not.

That quote is from my friend Karen's blog. It's amazing and raw and great so go read it often.

When I first read it I was like "Dang!" Cuz' really, taking offense is what church world is all about. Yes, it's true, don't act like it aint. Do you go to church? Have you ever been offended by someone at church? a leader? a friend? Ever heard someone go off on a tangent about how offended they are that so and so did such and such? Ever see people leave a church cuz' they were offended? have you ever left a church because you were offended? And I wonder how many of us really great Christians are currently offended by someone in leadership at our church? I really believe that the greatest tool of the enemy in the body of Christ is Offense.

I am sure that I offend many of the people I do life with. I mean really, think about it, I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana, I go to a very Conservative southern church, although HPC is non denominational, I would say that Healing Place is a mix of Baptist and Pentecostal. So, the majority of people I am with constantly, believe stuff like, The Left Behind Series is a spot on fictional dramatization of what is to come, I don't. They think Perry Stone is right,I never do really, (He's a great guy and Dean loves to watch him, I just disagree with his theology) I believe most of the book of Revelations was fulfilled in the first century. I think Obama is as much of a Christian as Bush or McCain, the Republican party is just as evil as the Democratic party, the death penalty should be abolished and drinking is not a sin. ALL these things are NOT what 99% of my church believes..YET, I love, love, love my church and I truly, without a doubt, 100% know they love me.

Sure, I get offended by some things that are said that directly or indirectly attack what I believe to be true. But so what. Seriously, it is arrogant for me to get offended. And it's arrogant for others to get offended and stomp off to another church where THERE they will find things to get offended about.

What connects me to the HPC people, my church family, is the love we have for each other in spite of our differences. AND the common goal of reaching people with the love of Christ...I can NOT be offended by the things we disagree on because of the great LOVE I know we all have for each other!! I don't need them to agree with me on these other, non salvation related issues in order for us to love God first and love our neighbor second, together as a family...we agree on THAT all important issue.

I think the key is, when we DO get offended, then forgive, move on, and realize we are all messed up humans, even the guy who thinks I'm an idiot for liking Obama, thinks he's so much more educated and enlightened and hears from God way more then me, I have to forgive him and not let him offend me, even if I offend him. I have to walk in love and mercy.

I think it is arrogant to be "offended". It implies that you are somehow in a position of superiority. You're not.

Thanks Karen for reminding us to get over our selves, we are not superior...Grace to all.


Archie Mck said…
Great post Carole on so many levels. Thank you for being you!
Karen said…
Thanks. You can take an of the cuff comment and turn it on to something noteworthy! I love you. I am also so with you on the Revelation thing! Peace, sister.
evelyn said…
Keep on getting your preach on!!! I'm listening, I'm loving it, and I'm not offended, lol
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Love you for who you are because you are real and I hope I would never get offended because of healthy disagreements we may have.

With that said I don't know Obama's Christianity but based on what his belief is on abortion I would have to say he is no where near Bush and McCain is a little washy on this subject so can't really compare. As for as drinking, I agree with you that drinking is not a sin but it is what happens when people drink. Personally, I LOATHE drinking because I have seen it kill, steal, destroy others. I have seen it be a part of all kinds of abuse mainly against children and women. I HATE alcohol with a passion and at the same time in certain situations I crave to have a glass of wine or a cold cold first sip of a Bud Light! That would be from many years of drinking. To this day if I smell beer I would love to have a sip BUT because I have seen what it can do I HATE it (and that is not a word I use often).

So do you still love me?! LOL of course you do. Are you offended?! of course not because we respect each other and have some strong similarities of passion (orphans and adoption and the cause of Christ). I am glad to be friends with you even though we don't agree on some issues!

Love you and have a great trip in Ohio!!
I'd be curious to know what parts of Revelation you believe have already happened and what parts are still to come.

Jesus said you tell a tree by its fruit so Bush, McCain or Obama could not be Christian by a Biblical definition. No true Christian would ever believe that Christians, Muslims, and Hindus all worship the same God. No Christian could ever support the destruction of innocent human life in the womb.

Drinking alcohol is not a sin but I think it would surprise you how enslaved to alcohol many drinkers are....even if they never get drunk doing so. Those who say they have a glass in order to relax before going to bed are dependent on that drink to relax. The Bible tells us that one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control and few who drink demonstrate this.

Perry Stone is a false teacher.

The death penalty is a Biblical mandate. It is ineffective in this country because it is no longer public. All sin has consequences.

I believe the greatest tool of the enemy is apathy. Most who call themselves Christians and occupy the pews of our churches for some reason do not care enough about the lost to tell them the truth of the Gospel. It is sad to know that the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons who know not God do a better job of sharing their faith than do Christians.

Just my thoughts.

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