"I love Baseball Mom"

As we drove down the road headed to the library yesterday, Steele said "mom, Abel's crying." I looked back and saw tears rolling down his cheeks. I said "Abel, what's wrong?" He told me he was sad and I asked him why. "I miss Baseball Mom. I never gonna play it again." I told him "Yes, yes you will, next year, right when you turn 8 baseball will start up again." He continued to look out the car window as the tears ran down his face.

The season just ended last Saturday. He did great, hit good, caught balls in the air, ran fast and always had to have me sitting in the stands cheering for him. He would look over to me constantly to make sure I was still there. He loved his coaches too and his team mates, especially Coach Matthew.

I tried to comfort him by telling him he could play baseball at home or at the park with Sissy and Steele and daddy until next season started and it seem to make him feel better.

Even though Soccer is coming up in a couple months, which he played all the time in Ethiopia, Baseball now holds his heart. Right after his first game he said " I love baseball mom!"

He had never played it before coming to America.


agardana said…
Abel should hang out with us for awhile. He would be around baseball ALL THE TIME!
Anonymous said…
that's so sweet

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