Good to be back Online

Breaks are good, needed, but thank God they are just a break.

I realized during my time away that this is definitely one arena of communication that is meant for me. It is a tool I am supposed to use to do what God has called me to do BUT on the very same hand is accountability, self control and submission to the proper order of life. God first and over all, my family second and ministry next. THIS Internet is part of my ministry. Advocating for Orphans and hurting and vulnerable children, here and everywhere.

It's easy to quit something, It's not so easy to use self control which is what's required here. I am not saying I wont take anymore breaks in the future, mine was good cuz' it wasn't a complete shut off but I really do feel God is telling me I have to do this and submit it all to him.

So that's what I will strive to do.

Kids are doing great! Abel is really doing good. Seems to be loving life. He is driving us crazy wanting to pack and work! I can't believe I just said that but it's hard when he always wants to pack and there are just some things he cant pack. But it is also a wonderful trait. He's such a hard worker. And have I said lately how sweet and kind he is? Evangeline and I were just talking last night about how good his is. And I get lots of lovin' daily! There is no hesitation or holding back. Hugs, kisses, sitting with me. It really is great.

I look at all the kids together and it really is freaky how much love they have for each other. No gap, nothing missing for them, just brothers and sister.

Jordan Earles asked me to sing with him a couple times over the last month at Jones Creek Cafe where he plays every Friday night. I sang Landslide By Fleetwood mac and Crazy by Patsy Cline. I love to sing and I'm glad I am getting to do it more lately.

We had Pamper Night for the Ladies at HPC last Monday night. I brought two really great ladies. They loved getting pampered and they saw Jesus shining brightly in the hands that gave them Pedicures, Manicures, Eyebrow waxing and a Message. I love my church.

We are moving. So I need to go load the van.


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