From where I sit

I took this picture sitting at my computer, looking out the window onto the back car port. This is where my boys STAY!! That's a big bowl of popcorn, they are sitting on TOP of the table eating. A little break before going back to riding bikes, playing with the wagon, farting on Cleo, farting on each other, Talking about farting, bickering some and laughing, a lot.

Watching my kids is sometimes very overwhelming for me. I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe the almost unbearable emotions I feel. OH MY GOSH!! These are my kids.

Look at Steele! I could kiss his face right off!! How are you so stinking cute and such a Rascal at the same time my sweet baby boy? You make me laugh so much. What a wonderful gift you are Steele.

Evangeline. My sunshine.My helper. You are so sweet and kind and a servant. I see Jesus in you my baby girl...oh wait, your not a baby anymore, sad and joyful I am at the thought of you growing up.

Abel. Oh my dear Abel Joseph Gebre Medhin Turner! How did we ever live without you? How did Evangeline and Steele live without you? Your little snicker, your kind heart, your joy? Oh how we knew something was missing, and it was you!


Megan said…
Herstorygirl said…
Awww... this post made me cry! You have a BEAUTIFUL family! I love you all. =)
Shawn Wilson said…
Hey I just wanted to say that I know me and you disagree on most issues but I LOVE your heart for people!!! I love your heart for the poor and needy. I love that just by reading your blog God convicts and challenges me.
Jesus has HUGE things for you Carole Turner as well as for your family. Thanks for being so real!!

Your friend,
Shawn Wilson

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