Block Party

That's right, we dance when Big A brings the God honoring funk on down to funky town.

We had a great block party yesterday on the corner of 38th and Bradly. We had games, bingo, music, food, slip and slide, crafts, face painting, nail painting, and live rapping from Big A. We had a blast, as we always do at the block parties..even in 93 degree heat! Yes, you read right 93 degrees!!

The kids stayed cooled off by playing on the Slip and Slide..

This is my E doing a little girls nails in 93 degree heat..

and this is Emily, Pastor Matt from the Rock church in Wilmington NC. (they are here on a missions trip) and Aaron reaching to pick Matt's nose :-)

The beauty queens of the bock party, my E and Caroline Boutte...

Steele and Abel playing with their favorite person in the world, Jonas Boutte..

Bingo! The community loves playin Mrs. Barbara Conti's block party Bingo...even when its 93 degrees outside.

These guys were the hottest guys at the block party, literally, because they were cooking burgers in 93 degree heat!

And here's my family, look how flushed and hot they look from all the food, fun and SUN..did I mention it was 93 degrees outside!!

You can see more pictures on my facebook, Block Party June09


Anderson Crew said…
HOW FUN!!!!! (and hot!)

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