What's your book?

My friend, Donna Frank, who wrote an amazing book called Straight From Hell, lent me her signed copy of Anne Jackson's book, "Mad Church Disease". I am in the middle of reading it and It's really good. It's about burn out in the church.

While reading this book I can just feel that Anne was born to write this book. This is her book.

I have also had the great privilege of reading a couple chapters of my friend Summer's book that she is writing. I actually thought I wouldn't really get much out of it because it's about food addiction, but I found myself completely engrossed in it and disappointed that there was only 3 chapters done so far. I already know who I will be sending her book to when it's done. Yes, it's that good.

Again, THIS is Summer's book that she was born to write.

Servolution, the book I just read by my pastor Dino Rizzo is another example. He's written one other book but Servolution is HIS book. It's a really really great book that I honestly believe every Christian should read.

I'm not saying that any of these people couldn't write another great book or a bunch of great books that are totally THEIRS but to me, while reading these books, I could just tell that part of their calling in life, part of what they were meant to do here on earth, was write these books.

Melissa Faye Green's book, "There is no me Without You", Shane Claiborne's "Irresistible Revolution" Tom Davis's "Red Letters", Erwin McManus's "Barbarian Way". All of these people have written other great books but in my mind, these are there signature books.

I know I am supposed to write, which I do on here, this blog. I started writing a book about my life story but it stalled. I think my motives were wrong, timing, subject, everything..it just wasn't God's time or the book I am supposed to write.

I don't know my book...yet.

I think of Lewis and Tolkien (don't I always go back to them:-) They were both over 50 before their classics were published. The books that they were born to write...

I hope I have a book.


HerstoryGirl said…
Thanks, Carole =)

I definitely think you have a book (or two!) in you... He'll let you know what it is in His timing.

Whatever it is, you are such a good writer & storyteller, I can't wait to read it. It will be amazing!
the Matt family said…
i definitely think i have a book to write... but like you, i dont know the direction it should go. so here i wait. maybe it'll be about how i was raped as a virgin, or the pits of Hell God brought me out of, or my life with adopted kids, or something God will do in me 20 years from now.

i cant wait to read the book God has inside of you. i know it's going to be POWERFUL!!!

love you, girl!
Karen said…
I'm always considering a story of my life kind of thing. I can say a lot about surviving abuse, but I just don't know if I should. I've got the title. I'm thinking 7000 Days or something to that effect. I know how important it has been for me to read other women's stories. We'll see.
Betsy Smith said…
Okay I shrink from even leaving a comment because I never leave a comment. I lurk in the anonymous safety of the blog world and I never comment. I have been reading your blog religiously for over a year now and never once have I left a comment.

Why? I don't know maybe because most of the time by the time I finish reading I am usually sobbing at work. And since I am supposed to be working and not sobbing; I just quickly close the blog and pretend like what I read did just tear my guts out. Again.

But today I am doing it. You probably don't remember me from HPC or even from Hosanna, but that's not important. But I have to say that I am more than confident that you have a story. A book rather. I have been reading pieces of it within this blog for this past year. I can't wait to see it come to pass.

Don't wrestle with writing it too much longer. So many people are waiting for your story. YOUR BOOK!

I'm going to read this book but I was wondering if you would be up for some discussion concerning what it teaches?

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