Water, shots and baseball

Abel loves the water, just like Evangeline...Steele is scared to death of it.

BUT all the kids like going to a pool. Today we went to the Jarreau's to swim. THEN I took Abel to the doctor. He is an inch taller but weighs the same as he did when he arrived in America. BUT the Doctor said he was healthy, not to worry. I think it's just that he's so active. He doesn't ever want to just sit and watch TV. He likes to be outside on his bike or playing with whatever, all day. So, I'm not gonna worry and I am gonna feed him even more...he eats a lot already. He winded up getting a few immunization shots today at the Doctors, he cried but really did great.

Tomorrow morning I take all of them to the Dentist. This will be both Steele and Abel's first time going...pray it goes well please :-)

Right now Abel, Steele and Evangeline have all gone with Dean to the LSU baseball game. I am sitting here in silence typing this blog post on my lap top...it's very nice :-)
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