Voodie Baucham on Christian Adoption Anxiety

THIS is a great blog post by Voodie Baucham about Adoption Anxieties. He nails it..

Here is just a taste...

My biggest concern with this adoption anxiety is that it seems to suggest that we should limit the offer our home, our hearts and our help to children whom we know will give us minimal difficulty. “I’ll take the one who will comply, but you can keep the one who may struggle with rebellion or identity in an institution, or with non-Christians who are better equipped to minister to them.” I know this is not what we mean. However, this is often the end result of our adoption anxiety. In the end, there are only a few guarantees when it comes to adoption:

I can guarantee you that adoption will cost you something: If you choose to adopt a child it will cost you time and treasure.

I can guarantee you that adopted children will have struggles: Every adopted child will struggle in some way with his or her place in your family and in God’s plan.

I can guarantee you that adoption will teach you more about salvation than just about anything you could do: I will never look at passages like Ephesians 1:5 the same way again.

I can guarantee you that adoption will change a child’s life: We will not know this side of heaven how adoption has impacted both Elijah, Asher and Judah. However, we know their lives have been set on an entirely different trajectory than they would have been had God not seen fit to send them home with us.

I can guarantee you that adoption is an indispensable pro-life act: I do not believe that every Christian is called to adopt children. However, I do believe that it is critical for us to give young women alternatives when we plead with them to give their babies life.

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Thanks for this reference. I'll go check out that article. I especially appreciate that last point about how if we're going to be pro-life, we have to give young women real alternatives to abortion or poverty. I believe that so strongly. Thanks for the heads up.
Thanks so much for linking to this. This summer my husband and I are going to be hosting a child through the amazing Kidsave Summer Miracles program, so this was an especially powerful article for me.

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