Help for a birth mom

There is a birth mom here in Baton Rouge, looking for an adoptive couple. The child will be biracial.

She needs $360 a month until September, this pays for her to live in a Shelter that includes education, counseling, GED classes, drug/urine test, food, etc...the money would go DIRECTLY to the house and not the birthmom.

If you are interested in sponsoring her time at this Christian facility (she needs 360.00 per month to live there) as they nurture her spirit, or if you are interested in adopting the baby, please let me know and I will pass you more information.

There is a local lawyer with a heart for adoption and the costs for all the adoption expenses would be about $4000 if you complete it in Louisiana.

She wants a closed adoption, does not want to see the baby after birth, etc. She herself is a product of the fostercare system and does NOT want that for her child.

She is due Sept 9th and is on medicaid getting prenatal care and vitamins.

She attended a bible study support group this morning for single moms and she is getting lots of love and support right now but she is in need of lots of prayer so please pray for her daily.

God is moving for the Orphan..this woman, who was raised in the foster care system and the child she is pregnant with. Let's be His hands and feet and show her His love, provision and guidance during this time.

E-mail me if you want to help or need more information. carolesturner@yahoo(dot)com


Anonymous said…
Does she know if she's having a girl or a boy?
~nicki o.
Lori said…
I cannot believe I am asking this - BUT - what is the status....anyone commit yet? I found your blog because I am friends with Carolyn T. of Project HOPEFUL....she gets me into ALLLL kinds of "trouble!" (grin)

Lori Smith

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