There are many great women and men doing much for the cause of Orphans around the world. The lady that posted this prayer on her blog yesterday is a hero of mine. I only know her through YouTube clips, twitter and her blog, but I know what she is doing and I like it.

I want to be like her.

Please join me, in joining her in praying this prayer.

Father God, I thank you for commissioning us to care for your precious, there and everywhere....Lord, I ask that you move the hearts and open the doors of the "MISSING FAMILIES" That the search would end here on this page. Help us to SHINE and create an ADOPTION CULTURE!!! That NO CHILD should lay their head down at night without the love of their very own family. That hearts would change and doors would OPEN...That mouths would close and action would take over....that our actions would speak so loudly the WHOLE world would hear. Lord GOD that we would have the courage to stand up and be COUNTED and act as Your hands and feet on this earth, that EVERY child recognize their value to YOU through US....Lord bless our little "DESK JUMPERS" protect and comfort their little hearts. STIR their families Lord.....make 'em crazy Lord....that they won't stop searching until they find their child they didn't know was theirs!! (BUT, You did before the foundations of the earth!) Help us Lord...We need MORE BEFORE and AFTER'S!!! In the MIGHTY name of the most HOLY adopted one....Jesus!

Yea, that's some powerful stuff right there! Now check out her blog..if you dare.

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