Pray for this Orphan

I received this E-mail yesterday..

"Please pray for us. *Doug went to the Embassy to get S's passport and they said that she can't have one because she is older than her birth certificate says. Doug has to go to the Dept. of Immigration because apparently he has some school certificate with her birth date on it, 1993..."

The Ethiopian government won't let children over the age of 16 be adopted. This young lady has been in an Orphanage since she was 7yrs old. This family that is adopting her has grown children and the mother is a wonderful child development specialist who helps people like us with different issues facing adopted children.

They have a court date of May 25th after a year of waiting and many road blocks, to adopt this girl. In that time their daughter has seen her two friends become too old to be adopted.

Do you have any idea what the life of a 16yr old girl in an impoverished country, that has aged out of the Orphanage, looks like? Many times they wind up selling themselves to eat, getting pregnant themselves then turning around and putting that child into an Orphanage or worse.

Not being dramatic here, I am being truthful.

This couple has found ways to help their daughters friends with getting and education. They ARE giving these girls a glimmer of hope.

BUT right now, they need to get their daughter home before she turns 16 in September. *Doug needs to get the paper work that proves her age to the courts and the courts need to believe them, and stamp it all done!

Please join me in praying for this to happen.

"Lord you are bigger then this situation. Please put your hand on *Doug so that he can get this situation resolved today and gets the papers to them that prove her age. God I ask that you open the eyes of the courts, let them see the paperwork, approve it, let S come home to the family that is waiting for her. Give peace to this family. Comfort them in the wait. Guide everyone involved. Push back the hand of the enemy that only wants this girl NOT to be adopted. have your way Jesus. I pray this all in Jesus name Amen."


Unknown said…
Hey...What happened with this?? Let me know...I have QUITE an advocate to put this family in contact with if need be...
This woman is a dear friend and on my advisory board for Project HOPEFUL...She is a GLORIOUS pitbull when it comes to our kids!

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