LOST and American Idol

First I will start with LOST. My all time favorite show on TV. Only we have Dish Network now so we have to watch LOST on our crappy lap top, that freezes at the absolute worst times. Yea, Dish Networks stinks and I totally hate that we ever changed.


LOST was good. I didn't like the middle, cant stand that the writers are making all of us detest Kate, I'm still mad that Charlie isn't there anymore,and I still really love Sawyer, especially when he cried over Juliet!

Ben rocks, as always, best bad guy on TV hands down, and Locke is just stupid and annoying.

BUT all that makes it a great show. Can't wait for it to return in January of 2010 but glad it's over for a while cuz' I need a break.

Now let's talk American Idol

First, I'm gonna ruffle some feathers with what I'm about to say, so if you don't want yours fluffed, stop reading now.

Unlike many people I know, I don't think Adam is evil, the devil, or even a non Jesus lover. How would any of us know that? I certainly don't by anything I have ever seen on Idol or read anywhere. Sure, he did theater not sports, loves to wear eyeliner and dress like David Bowie..

but heck, at most "Christian" churches now we have flat ironed haired chunky guys wearing scarves and girl jeans leading worship! Guys dressed like Adam did on most nights of Idol. Please people, don't judge the metro sexual by what he wears or how feminine he talks, again, think about your guy friends at church, leaders you know, many are as feminine if not more then Adam.

BUT as far as singing goes. I think Adam has the best voice WHEN HE DOESN"T SCREACH! His "I always have to add my Cinderella scream somewhere in the song" drives me crazy!! Seriously, i love when he sings, I hate when he hair bands it up! Makes me crazy.

If he wins, it will be a win for all the "I wanna be a glam rocker" stage performers of the world.

Adam is stunning. He's pretty like Ashton Kutcher..well maybe not that pretty, but he is pretty like a girl and like a really handsome guy. Sure, he might be gay, probably a good chance he is, but we don't know that and even if he is, it doesn't make him evil it makes him someone who needs to know the love of Jesus and come to know Him in a transforming, live changing way.

I'm glad that Kris doesn't SEEM to treat Adam like most Christian's treat flamboyant guys that they think are gay. Kris seems to be acting like Jesus toward Adam..that's very good.

Speaking of Kris..Kris is cute, seems nice, has a beautiful wife, SEEMS to love God and sings really, really great. I honestly didn't care to much for him at first. He was good but just kinda boring but he sure has grown as an artist over this season. I honestly now think he's better then Adam vocally.

Most everyone on Twitter that I follow was all ga-ga over Kris from day one because he was a worship leader at Rick Bezetts church in Arkansas. I know Rick Bezette from Bethany days and his friendship with our church, Healing Place. I think it's great that a worship leader from such a great church has done so well on Idol but I'm not sure that winning this would be all that great for him.

Kris was newly married when he started the competition, like five months I think. Just during Idol he has had to be away from his wife way more then any leader would recommend in the first year of your marriage. Also, the life of a winner of American Idol requires even more time commitment. Not to mention the environment this young, newly married worship leader will be in if he wins. Women wanting him, the Hollywood life, money, fame..etc.

I'm not saying God isn't bigger then all that. I don't know Kris, have no idea where he is spiritually or in his relationship. I'm just saying, I'm not going to say he should win JUST because I want "the Christian" to win this contest. I honestly don't think I would wish that life on anyone who was a lover of God and a newly married young guy cuz' that world, the world of an American Idol, it's Sodom and Gomorrah.

Again, I know God can sustain and grow people even in that world. As a fellow believer, I want God's will for Kris' life. NOT what will bring him fame, money and all that but what God wants. If winning American Idol is God's will for him, great. I pray he will have great spiritual mentors with him while on the road, get the time with his wife that they need, and not let that world control his decision making. I really do pray that.

Actually no matter who wins American Idol. It was entertaining this year. I pray Danny, Kris, Adam, Anoop (Slumdog Millionaire ROCKS!) all my favorites, live life here on earth according the God's plan, pleasing Jesus and being Jesus to others. Really that's what matter in the end...not any of this.


evangeline said…
your a dork! mother with the slumdog millionaire stuff hahahahahaahahaha love ya!!!!!
Keri said…
I agree with you on Adam..when he's singing slow..he's awesome but the minute he starts that screaming..my ears start to bleed. I just have to say this though, I've seen pictures on Fox and CNN, Adam is defintely gay.
I agree with the part about Kris winning. Its like part of you wants him to win, b/c he's so sweet acting, but the other part is scared if he did! Anyway, I was rooting for Danny & Kris, because they both seem so nice. Adam is very entertaining. I'm an 80s glam rock girl, so I actually dig the Cinderella screaming! :)
the Matt family said…
there are-unfortunately- pictures all over the internet of adam in drag, and making out with other guys. how he dresses on the show has nothing to do with it, or the fact that he's theatrical. he's a flaming gay man, which is fine, really... nothing worse about that than being addicted to alcohol, or porn, or gossip, or self-indulgence. the problem for me is that there is enough of that out there in Hollywood. we already have one gay american idol- we need a man that will stand out among his peers for his humility, not his attitude.

yes, adam is crazy talented. i will give you that- the dude's amazing and absolutely beautiful to look at. but kris has something special- he can shine a light in the darkness of that business. and as a christian, we should promote people into a level of influence who can positively affect change.

that's my rant :)
Adopting1Soon said…
What meghan wrote is not cool.. Being gay is not a disease, a moral weakness, or a choice. Is that what being a loving Christian is all about? Being judgemental like that? That attitude and those comments would not attract me to the church. WWJD about Adam? I kind of think he might like Adam and want to hang out with him. At least from what I've read in MY bible which doesn't seem to be the same one meghan is reading.

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