Life without a computer

That's been me since Wednesday. We took ours back cuz it was a piece of crap lap top that froze up all the time. So now, I am at Summer's using her computer to blog.

It has been really hard, I miss having a computer BAD!!

But life goes on, even when you cant blog about it.

Here's some snippets from the last couple days;

Abel is doing good. He's grieving now and we are working through his questions and just trying to love on him. It's part of the process and I am very thankful that he feels free to tell us how he feels and ask us questions. I love him so much. Everyday the love grows between us all and I'm excited about his future.

Steele turned five on Thursday! I told him to stop growing up but he said he cant. I love his little scratchy voice, that I know he will grow out of but the good thing is his fluffy pillow lips will always be with him and I pray he never out grows kissing me with them.

Evangeline is at the Navigate retreat. Navigate is the HPC student ministries summer intern program. That's why I feel I don't need to teach E bible courses during the school year, she gets it all in the summer, from her Navigate classes :-)

Finally a funny, painful story. I was driving to Thrive on Friday in the church van. It was my first time back at Thrive since November! I was excited to be going and even more excited that I was bringing *Rachael, an unwed mother that just got out of jail, been clean from drugs for 6 months and is giving her baby up for adoption, and has been coming to church at the Dream Center and Thrive each week.

As I started to drive down Airline Hwy, I felt a shooting pain in my back hip, like picture far left cheek, no, wait, stop, don't picture that..anyway. It got worse fast and before I knew it I had to pop a half a Lortab! It helped me make it through Thrive (which was great) and then I crashed. I think I have been laying in the bed on a hot pad, popping Motrin ever since.

BUT I did get up and go to the ball park for a couple hours and I took Abel to his first ever trip to the library. He loved it.

That's it for now. I'm praying I get a computer soon..

Oh, in the mean time, please check out my friend Karen's blog. She is my favorite writer of all times and now she is opening up about her life and being very raw...I love her!


Karen not Anonymous said…
Not just raw, but very raw. I cannot live up to that. How about She's being very talkative. I wonder if Astutula is reading this!

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