Just what the body needs

I used to do a spin class about 7 years ago. I loved it. I started back doing one this week. I have been feeling like I needed to work out for a couple months now. I'm very out of shape and in need of more energy so I knew I had to start doing the minimal thirty minutes a day, three times a week, just for health reasons. I'm also 15lbs heavier then I want to be right now so I'm hoping I can lose some weight too.

I was reading Carey's blog yesterday (she just brought home 3 kids from Ethiopia, added to the 3 she already had) and she was saying how her trainer was working her hard and THAT was helping her avoid post Adoption depression. Just then I knew why I had started back doing a spin class.

Exercise is the God given way to release endorphins and lower stress. Sure, prayer is THE answer, He supplies the greatest stress relief but sweat and getting our heart rates up were made a part of our body dynamics for a reason, and it's been proven to help stress.

According to studies done by medical professionals volunteering and exercise are the two greatest ways to lower your chance of a heart attack, alleviate stress, have more energy and be happier...now that I've added exercise to volunteering I doubt I will ever frown again, snap at my kids, yell or stress out...

Ha! ok, well it will help ...already is.

Oh, did I mention the class is at 5:30am? Bed at 9pm now, up at 5am..it's a new day.

Thank you Jesus for compelling me to exercise again. HE is good.


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