How well do you know me?

Ok, I copied this Quiz from my Facebook page, I thought maybe all of you who read my blog might want to take it cuz' It's funny ok?

Here are the questions, click on the link at the bottom to submit your answers...

Fun Fun!!


1) What have I been arrested for?
a) Streaking
b) public drunkenness
c) unpaid traffic tickets
d) trespassing while protesting at Abortion Clinics
e) both C and D

2) What did Dean have when I first met him that I didn't like?
a) A girlfriend
b) Side burns
c) A Pony Tail
d) A mustache
e) A gold tooth

3) What is the first song I sang onstage?
a) Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
b) Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar
c) Strokin by Clarence Carter
d) Tush by ZZ Top
e) Your so Vain by Carly Simon

4) What two friends is Evangeline named after?
a) Ammye and Kay
b) Karen and Kristy
c) Anne and Summer
d) Karen and Ammye
e) Lorri and Kay

5) When I got my first tattoo, what did I think I was getting?
a) The number 47 in Spanish
b) Shank gang symbol
c) "I love Frodo"
d) NSYNC forever!
e) The number 47 in Elvish

6) What is the highest grade I completed in Highschool?
a) 9th
b) 10th
c) 11th
d) 12th
e) none of the above

7) Who did I try to dress like, wear my hair like and act like as a teen ager?
a) Stevie Nicks
b) Bonnie Tyler
c) Carly Simon
d) Pat Benatar
e) Kim Carnes

8) How many fist fights have I been in with NON family members in my life?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 1
d) 2
e) 3

Click to take this quiz..come on, it's fun!

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Karen said…
I took this, but was shocked to find no reference to Frodo--and you know the Frodo I am speaking of.

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