I originally posted this while we were in Okeechobee Florida visiting my family a month ago...

This is my favorite recent story about my mom.

She's great!

Keep reading and you will see what I mean.

Love you mom!

Happy Mothers Day!


Yesterday we were eating lunch at a small diner in Okeechobee with my mom before we left to go to my brothers. Usually I don't even notice if someone is looking at us funny because of our beautiful dark children, but this day, I did notice some stares from a table near by.

I didn't say anything but the lady kept turning around in her seat to frown at us and stare.

I just ignored it and started eating...

..then I hear my mother say at a decent volume "look over here like that again you b#%ch an I'll come across this table and kick your a@#!"

The lady looked away real quick. She didn't want any of that action needless to say.

Yea, my 60yr old mom!

Our Lilly white Evangeline, cafe au-lait Steele, and creamy chocolate Abel are ALL her grand kids...and she's just redneck enough to kick your butt if you mess with them..

Love you mom!!


Unknown said…
I think I must have been switched at birth and that your mom MUST be MINE TOO!!!

Sondra said…
This made my whole day! Love it!

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