Cajun Ethiopian Red Beans

Brown Rice
Bag of Red Kidney beans
Pork chops
Berbere Ethiopian spice
Tony's Chacheres Creole seasoning
Chicken Broth

Brown your onion in olive oil (2 onions), season with salt, pepper n garlic salt. Push onions out of the way and brown your pork chops. Sprinkly in about 3 tlb. spoons of Berbere. Add the chicken broth (I only used about 1 cup) and your water for cooking the beans like the directions say on the bag now add the beans. Sprinkle in some Tony's (maybe 2 tlb spoons?) then let it all cook for about 2 hours or until beans are tender.

I used brown rice and I put a stick of butter in the pot when the rice was done and put the lid back on so all the butter melted down into the rice and I sprinkled in some salt.

AND It was an amazingly wonderful Cajun-Ethiopian meal! EVERYONE loved it!!


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