What's 'Dream'?

Every night I tuck the kids in and I put one hand on their head and with the other I am hugging them close n I say a pray in their ear for the next day and for their dreams.

For the boys I pray they will have good dreams of bikes, trampolines, playing with our neighbor Jackson and baseball, stuff they like.

Last night Abel said "mom, what's 'Dream'?

I said "it's the pictures and things you see when you sleep".

He said "I only see monsters, no bikes, trampoline"

I said "Abel, I am praying you don't see monsters anymore, just bikes, trampolines, baseball and all the things that make you happy. Ask God for good dreams, just like I do for you when I put my hand on your head".

He said "God. Up" and pointed to the sky.

I said "yes, but He's listening and He can give you good dreams. Just ask Him for them."


Erin Moore said…
I always tell my kids to summon Jesus into their bad dreams. Jesus is the dream slayer in our house!

We will pray for Abel to have good dreams tonight!

Your sister in Christ,
Anonymous said…
lovely, lovely story, Carole. just what i needed to read before tucking myself and our boy in for the night. sweet dreams to all of you!

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