Selling Coffee for Africa

We will be selling cups of Coffee tonight and all day tomorrow at the HPAC to raise money for mine and Evangeline's missions trip to Mozambique and Swaziland Africa.

We will also be taking orders for bags of coffee, cuz' I know after you buy a cup and get a taste of it, you will want to order some :-)

Cups: donation of $1.00 or more

Bags: $10.00

Here are some of the flavors and Roast:

African Morning-Light Roast. A blend of the best of East African beans to create wild and fruity favor, lightly roasted.

Triple Tange-Medium Roast. Three country Latin American blend.

South Seas- Dark Roast. Echoes the culture of the exotic Asia Pacific with a smooth, bold flavor without bitterness.

Cinnamon Creme Brulee- Flavored Sweet taste of cinnamon and a smooth creamy flavor.

Decaf- Pure water process is used to decaffeinate these beans, no chemicals.

Cocoa Jambo- Hot Cocoa made from 100% Ghana cocoa. Rich and Creamy.

**Each sold in 1 lb. bags, ground or whole bean.

Click HERE and HERE to find out more about our trip. AND thanks for supporting us!


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