Race Relations

Yesterday we were eating lunch at a small diner in Okeechobee with my mom before we left to go to my brothers. Usually I don't even notice if someone is looking at us funny because of our beautiful dark children, but this day, I did notice some stares from a table near by while we were eating.

I didn't say anything cuz' I thought it was just me...

...then I hear my mother say at a decent volume "look over here like that again you b#%ch an I'll come across this table!"

..she was looking at THAT lady who was looking at our table with disdain. The lady looked away needless to say.

Yea, my 60yr old mom!

Our Lilly white Evangeline, cafe au-lait Steele, and creamy chocolate Abel are ALL her grand kids...and she's just redneck enough to kick your butt if you mess with them..

Love you mom!! Thanks for a great visit.


Anonymous said…
You are having a hyberbole moment;
ole = spanish for excited, happy.
au lait = french for with milk
I love your Mom!
Remind me not to mess with Carole's Mom! Or, perhaps I should say with Carole's Mom's precious grandchildren. :D

That story reminded me of when Chemaine and I lived in Tuscaloosa, AL, and became almost second parents to a bi-racial little boy who we took care of in our home. (We referred to his color as peanut butter, by the way.) I got such a kick out of it when a Wal-Mart cashier smiled at us and said so sweetly and genuinely, "He looks just like his Daddy!" I accepted the compliment with pride. :D
mrsDebbie said…
:) I'm a lurker but I had to post, your Mom rocks! She reminds me of my Mom!! Our family had plenty of experience with rudeness and ignorance back in the 80s when a 'colorful' family was even less common than it is now. Your kids are blessed to be in the family they are, so reflective of God's heart.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE that story. I just read it and laugh. Go grandma! Love her spunk and your's too!
Love it. I also know the stares and I got so used to them and it is funny when someone else sees them. I love that your Mom said something. One thing for certain in the DR Raven and I don't get looks. They think she is Dominican and that I married a Dominican. It seems normal here.

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