My girl takes good pictures...

Abel likes to get his picture taken..

He's quite the ham..

He knew Evangeline was taking these so he struck the "contemplative" pose.

Yes, she took this of herself with her new phone that the really nice Mrs. Evelyn Chaisson gave her..

She took them but I did do a little photo shopping :-)

And this is Steele on Sissy's the crime scene..

This is his "getting ready for trouble" smile..

And this is Abel washing our neighbors car. He had already washed ours. He literally BEGS to wash the car! In Ethiopia there are car washes everywhere. Not drive thru ones, or buildings set up for them, but guys washing cars in pastures, right beside the goats and sheep, all along every major highway or street. SO, Abel considers washing the car to be a really cool thing.

Before he got here, my car was washed every six months or so, now it's washed every six days!


Adopting1Soon said…
That's sweet. Maybe it reminds him of home? Anyway, nice bennie!
Summer said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
HerstoryGirl said…
Great pictures! All of your kids are so photogenic!

Hey, do you think Abel would wash my minivan?? LOL! I'm sure he'll do a better job than the automatic one at Exxon. =P

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