Midnight Outreach..Servolution

Student Ministry girls got together at the HPAC to help make up the Easter baskets and bags of makeup that we handed out to the dancers and other ladies..

Each strip club got two baskets of Easter goodies, invites to Easter services, bags of make-up and of course beautiful Roses. We also gave a basket to our bouncer buddies at The Top Ten Bar and the hard working short order cooks of the Waffle house got a basket too. The workers and the patrons are always so excited when we come.

This is Summer with Shey. Summer and I had to step up and lead the team last night because Miss Alliece was out and Summer really did a great job.

Eric, who does security at HPC, repo's cars and is considered a big guy, aint lookin so big next to these bouncers at the Top Ten Club :-)

And this is Lacricia with her four kids. She lives at the Alamo Hotel, one of the regular stops for Midnight outreach because it's a place used for prostitution, drugs and crimes of all natures. There are usually children living there and they are always up when we come by at 11 or 12pm on a Friday night. This family is pretty new there. What's so cool is we usually dont have kids books and markets with us on this outreach, yea, I mean it's an outreach to strippers and prostitutes generally, but last night we did!

Why? Well just so happens that we do a monthly reading outreach to the kids of the Alamo, that is about to start back up in a couple weeks. Dean had been given this box of books and markers Friday afternoon to bring to me FOR that outreach, and the box was in the shuttle! SO, I got to give them books and tell them about the reading outreach coming up at the end of the month!!

Tell me that wasn't God ordained!

We also prayed with Lacricia and another pregnant lady there.

It was a great Midnight outreach.



Did you verbally share the Gospel with any of the people to whom you gave the baskets? No one can question the love of Christ demonstrated by you and all of those who participated but what's the difference between what you do and what the mormons do...or the JW's...or the scientologists? Being nice and doing nice things is great but the MOST compassionate thing we can do as Christians is to tell them how they can have eternal life. In other words do what is says in Mark 16:15.

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