Missions trip to Africa: It may not happen

So here we are two days from our first Missions trip money deadline and we are $3000.00 short. And that's just the first amount due. We have to turn in another $3000.00 at the end of May. The total for Evangeline and I to go is $7600.00.

We have been selling coffee, by the bag and by the cup, and neither way has really been profitable.

I am stinking it up at this fund raising that's for sure.

So, It' may not happen.

Truth is, maybe it's not supposed to happen. I certainly have prayed for God to close the doors if it's not His will for us to go so If we don't get the money needed by Friday, I will know it just isn't meant to be.

If you donated, and IF we don't raise the rest we need by Friday, I can either refund your donation or I can give what you donated to others that are also trying to raise money to go on missions trips. Just let me know what you want me to do with yours.


Anonymous said…
please - just keep our donation and pass it on.
we don't want it back :)
Anonymous said…
Why don't you keep funding raising until you have enough money to go next year or the year after if that's how long it takes.
Erin Moore said…
keep raising it, girl! You'll get there when the timing is right. His timing is always perfect!

CH is going to Eth in October...


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