I need a break..

It's 10:55pm on Wednesday night and I am about to do something I have never done..


I'm taking a real, day long break from the computer!


..I really can't believe I'm saying this..

BUT ALSO TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, It must be done.

See, I have a problem, it's called being addicted. A friend called me out on it yesterday, Mr. Jimmy Clyde actually said I couldn't do it, yea he dared me to lay it down for a day. I immediately said I could quit any time..

BUT then I started really feeling like maybe God used Jimmy to speak to me.

I do need a break.

I need a break for many reasons but the main reason is because it consumes all my time during the day...

and I need to spend time on other things.

Like prayer,

What's been heavy on my heart lately is families that are adopting older children. Many I know are really going through it right now. It's hard and they need our prayers. SO, I have felt convicted that I need to really take some real time and pray for those families.

Also, all the Orphans of the world. I can say all I want that they are my passion, my calling, but If I am not really praying for them, seeking God about ways to reach them, help them, etc, then I am not doing my part...the part I am called to.

Also the missions trip E and I are trying to go on. We need $4000.00 by next Friday. My fund raisers have been a flop so far. I need Gods wisdom and direction now more then ever about this.

And finally my family. Abel always wants my attention. I am trying to teach him to read, Steele wants to do school too, they need me to watch them flex their muscles, do art work, jump a Hola hoop with the bike and build a Lincoln Log house. E needs me to help her with school, bake with her, etc. They all need me to not be glued to the stinkin computer or my phone all day.

So, I'm gonna do it. It will not be easy for me, I will admit that. I am afraid I will miss some life changing twitter or blog post, that's just how I am..

But I wont be missing out at all on what is really priority right now...

It's only one day.

Pray for me. I am not the "take the day to pray" kinda person so I need your prayers for me to pray. Yea, say that three times real fast.

And breaking from technology could send me to the loony bin if ya'll don't pray...

Just kidding, not really ;-)


Anonymous said…
You said it yourself. Giving your children the attention they need is way more important than yaping on the computer. Also, maybe this isn't the year you're suppose to go to Africa. Maybe there is something else you are suppose to be doing this year. Could be your children need your full attention this year.
Anonymous said…
Your blog is a blessing to many people and I don't think you should give it up, just manage your time you put into it. Put a timer by your computer and set it to what ever time limit you choose and don't go over it.
HerstoryGirl said…
I always find it amusing when critical "anonymous" people leave comments ASSUMING that the person they are criticizing never had the same thoughts... like they are blessing them with their revealing wisdom or something.

I don't think Carole spends her time "yapping" on the computer. I think her blog has touched a lot of hearts and her actions have changed a lot of lives. Unless you can come out from hiding and say that you have done the same, who are you to criticize her?

Furthermore, Carole has really struggled with this decision to go to Africa. She is fully aware that if it's not God's will for her to go this year, it won't happen. Thank you for your concern, but if you were a true friend, who really cared, you would quit hiding behind anonymous comments and pray for her to do the right thing.

No matter what Carole chooses to do, I know her heart is in the right place and I know God is going to continue to use her in some amazing ways. I am so proud to call her my friend!

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