It's Friday and It's busy!!

I took apart the boys bunk beds and made them into twin beds, which led to a complete gutting of their room. Gonna paint it on Monday. Yea, we may have to move from here soon, but that room needs painting no matter how long we continue to live here.

Tonight is a Midnight Outreach Training in Lafayette Louisiana. I'm excited about another church in a different city reaching out to people in the sex industry. And I'm blessed to be a part of what God is doing.

Tomorrow we will be selling coffee at the ball park again! Yea, that hasn't been very profitable so far, but we are gonna start early, like 7:30am, when people actually NEED coffee, and hopefully it will be kinda brisk and chilly out till 9am or so. I also started playing my Bala Fleck African Music last night while we were selling it and it seemed to help attract people.

THEN at 3pm tomorrow, E and I are headed to the LSU parade ground to be abducted. We are part of a protest awareness campaign to bring attention to the Child Soldiers abducted by the LRA in northern Uganda. We are doing this as part of Invisible Children and the hope is to put pressure on US law makers to do something to convince Joesph Coney to release the child soldiers he has abducted over the years. It's kinda complex but if you want to read more about it click on the picture below.

I hope to post some midnight outreach, coffee, and abduction pics on Sunday...maybe I will be able to get some on before then.

Please pray we sell lots of coffee, cuz' we need $3000. by next Friday, for our missions trip. Pray for Midnight outreach tonight and also that the abduction see's the results hoped for-the release of Joseph Coney's Child Soldiers.

Have a great weekend!

Rock on!!


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