Cook E and her Cooker Dudes!

Today, after working on some hand writing and Preschool stuff, the boys had a cooking lesson. Not just any cooking lesson either, this one was given to them by world renowned chef, Cook E.

Apart from Steele falling off the stool, Abel getting water everywhere when he washed up after ward, and the 15minutes it took for both Cook_E and I to "whip" the egg whites (till they had "stiff white peeks") The lesson went very well and the final product, an entirely from scratch Simple Cocoa Layer Cake, was both beautiful and tasty :-)

Line up gal's these boys are gonna be quite a catch...

(the chef is off limits till she's out of college in 10 years or so, per her dad :-)


Jill said…
Adorable. Your kids are adorable, and I love they come any sweeter?

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