What my girl did Monday night..

As ya'll know Evangeline serves the homeless every Thursday morning for homeless breakfast, well on Sunday, Vince and Frank got a wild Holy-Ghost hair and decided to go do a soup outreach on Monday night since it was going to be cold. Of course Evangeline had to be a part of the Soup giving, after all, the homeless are her peeps.

There is not much better in life then watching your 12 yr old daughter get excited about an ADDED outreach. I pray everyday she keeps that fire for the least of these. I take no credit, God is the one at work here and I just love that I get to watch.

Here is my post from the SERVE blog about the outreach..

Techa, Julie, Barbara and some other ladies giving some soup to Sandra who lives in the park and around North Boulevard.

Monday night was cold here in Baton Rouge. Not the coldest night ever, but too cold to live outside in it. Yet, many people in Baton Rouge do live out in the weather and they are important to Jesus.

The homeless of Baton Rouge are fed breakfast each Thursday morning by the No Place Outreach team, but yesterday, the team decided to take them some warm soup for dinner as well.

This night at least, they would not be hungry, they would have clothes and blankets because the team brought them some, and they would get prayed for, asked what they needed, how the team could help them and just loved on by people who love Jesus.

Many of the homeless who received some good Chicken soup, have been attending church services at the Baton Rouge Dream Center because of the love shown to them by Healing Place Church and the No Place Outreach team. They are our brothers and sisters...

Chris Joy praying with some people on the streets..

Frank and Vince Bellipanni and Techa serving up the soup..

The team getting ready to take soup to a few of the "camps" by the Mississippi River where some homeless live...


Anderson Crew said…
Go E!! I know you are a proud momma C!

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