Two months home, Birthday time!

Friends and Family at church, Evangeline, Lilly, Kendra, Gabby, Steele and Abel posing in a frame.

This Thursday, March 26th, will be two months since we got Abel and it's also the day the Ethiopian government gave him as his birthday. He will technically turn 7 years old.

We will be on the road to Okeechobee Florida Thursday night so we are having a small birthday party for him tonight. He has 5 friends coming, kids he's connected with since being home and we are having it at the park..if it doesn't rain :-)

As far as life over this last two months, I would say it's been hard but not as hard as we thought it would be. It's been full of first, lots of laughter, smiles and happy times, and really only a few sad times. He really is doing amazingly well. I thanked God last night for a happy child. He laughs freely, smiles, prays out loud during family prayers, he's eager to learn everything, obeys very well, is sweet to other kids. He loves his sister and brother, and is very vocal about his love for baseball, "I love baseball!" is what he said quite a few times after his first practice. AND best of all, he loves the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack! Especially the song Paper Planes :-)

No, actually best of all is he seems content, pleased to be in our family and happy.

We are slowly attaching in a long lasting, deep family love kinda way. I can see the walls slowly coming down in his heart and mind. I can tell he is falling in love with us more and more every day, and us with him.

Last night when we were praying Abel said "thank you for tomorrow, happy birthday, mom, dad, sister, brother, baseball. Amen."

So today we celebrate the birth of a very special boy. He's changed us all. We are so excited about his future. I thank God He let us be Abel's parents. I can't even express how full my life is. All my children bring me such great joy.

I know God will use everything Abel has been through since he was born 7yrs ago, for the good. (Romans 8:28) And I also know God is using everything Abel is for the good of this family.

This is truly a day of celebration!!

(I will post party pictures later)


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Abel!!
HerstoryGirl said…
Beautiful post! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABEL!

Just make sure you turn him into a Red Sox fan, ok?
I love this. I really do. To see your family live out what God wants for you is so amazing.
Laura said…
Happy Birthday Abel
Erin Moore said…
Big BIG birthday wishes! I'm so happy for your family! God is so good...

...this is the 2nd time I've been in Romans 8 today...maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something! :-)

Looking forward to seeing birthday celebration pics
Anonymous said…
Happy,Happy Birthday Abel!
We love you. Grandma & GrandPa Baloo
Anonymous said…
Oh, it warms my heart! He's a doll; your family is beautiful; and the post is so touching. Well said, mama!
Elysa said…

Don't worry, they're happy ones! :)

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