T and his new family

The other day we were driving down Airline Highway. Abel was in the back seat sitting with his face pressed to the window like he does every time we are in the car, he was watching intently as the big world of Baton Rouge Louisiana flew by.

Suddenly he said "mom, go to Ethiopia. See T."

"I'm sorry Abel but we can't go see T in Ethiopia, it's too far." I said back to him from the drivers seat.

He continued to stare out the window as if he would miss something if he turned away. "please. Go to Ethiopia. miss T."

Now I was getting sad for him. I knew T was his best friend in the Care Center. He had told us so in one of the videos the agency had done of him talking while he was there. I also knew that T had a family that were in the process of adopting him and his sister.

"Abel, when we get home I will find out when T and his sister will be home and then we can plan on talking to them on the phone when they are here in America. Ok?"

He said "Ok" in a sad longing voice.

When we arrived home I e-mailed my contact at the adoption agency asking when T and his sister would be home. I was shocked and very saddened to get this reply back;

"The family has backed out of the adoption"

I couldn't believe it really. This adorable brother and sister had been in care for over a year and had thought they had a family for most of that time. Imagine the pain. They had gotten photo albums, cards, gifts and letters from their soon to be family and now, they found out that "no, actually they will not be your family. You are orphaned AGAIN" Ugh. It just made me so sad!!

I started praying and telling people about these kids, whom I had met and hugged, whom Abel longed to see, his best friend, who now was available for adoption again.

Well, all the while, God was working.

I had formed an online friendship a few months ago with a lady who is using the same adoption agency as us. She has four grown children and instead of retiring and resting, her and her husband decided to adopt four kids from Ethiopia.

She had asked me to take gifts to the three boys and one girl when we went to get Abel. So, when we went to the care center I had the honor of talking to her kids, taking pics of them with their gifts from her and hugging them. BUT what I didn't know then was that she had originally wanted to adopt 6 kids and even done all her paperwork for 6 kids SO when she found out that T and his sisters adoption was not going to happen, she knew they were meant to be her's also. What's even cooler is she had asked about them at the same time she inquired about the four, at the beginning of the process but was told they were taken.

Now, destiny had spoken...all 6 would be hers.

She will go get the four next month and get to visit with T and his sister, then she will travel to get them in a few months once all the paperwork is done. This amazing woman and her husband will soon be the new parents of a 2,5,6,6, 9 and 10 yr old!!!

Oh, and just a minor aside.. this soon to be mother of 6 orphans, she broke her foot/ankle last month in a few places. She has pins in her ankle, is in constant pain, is on crutches and pain medications and will have to sit on a plane for about 20 hours to go get her kid from Ethiopia! AND then take the ride back home with four of the kids all while maneuvering crutches, pins in her leg, kids and pain medication!

This family needs our prayers. Pray for complete speedy healing of her leg. Pray for these kids. For all of them to connect and become a family. Everyday please pray for them.

God is moving for Orphans and the enemy of all things good and right isn't happy. Sure glad that we know "greater is He that is in us then he that is in the world!!" (John 16:33)



God is still amazing, huh, Carole?!!

By the way, I FINALLY gave you the link love you've been deserving for so long! I'm re-tooling my blog, and trying to be more a part of the blogosphere. Thanks for doing your thing, and for continuing to believe in me. :)
Erin Moore said…
So awesome!!! I will be praying for her!

...does she live anywhere near you? How wonderful it will be when Abel and T get to see each other again!

Praising God!
WoooooHooooooo, God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WoooooHooooooo, God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I didn't know the whole story! I want to call J right now and tell her how incredible her heart is. And I am SO glad the kids have a family waiting to bring them home. I will hug them when I meet them in less than 2 weeks.
Yay for adoption.
I hope Abel can talk to his buddy soon.
Elysa said…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

And I"m praying right now. Healing. Strength. Peace. Provision. And more healing.

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