Selling Coffee to go to Africa

Evangeline and I are selling these great FAIR TRADE coffees to raise money for our missions trip to Ethiopia.

$10.00 a bag.

Read below about the coffee and let me know how many bags you would like to order.

963 Coffee is freshly-roasted specialty coffee unlike the majority of coffee that sits on shelves for almost a year. This means you're getting an amazing cup of organic Arabica coffee every time you brew a pot.

We also believe our coffee should provide a fair wage for the farmers who work hard to harvest it. Because of your choice to purchase 963 Coffee, farmers can put their kids in school, put food on the table for their families, and afford health care. Every bag - every cup - of 963 Coffee is making a lasting impact with coffee farming families around the world.

African Morning-Light Roast. A blend of the best of East African beans to create wild and fruity favor, lightly roasted.

Triple Tange-Medium Roast. Three country Latin American blend.

South Seas- Dark Roast. Echoes the culture of the exotic Asia Pacific with a smooth, bold flavor without bitterness.

Cinnamon Creme Brulee- Flavored Sweet taste of cinnamon and a smooth creamy flavor.

Decaf- Pure water process is used to decaffeinate these beans, no chemicals.

Cocoa Jambo- Hot Cocoa made from 100% Ghana cocoa. Rich and Creamy.

**Each sold in 1 lb. bags, ground or whole bean.

You can send me an E-mail at to order some and Evangeline will have her order form with her at Pathfinders and on Thursday mornings at Homeless Breakfast.

We will place one big order in a couple weeks.

We will also have some brewed coffee to sample at the HPAC during Baseball season starting next month and bags of coffee for sale there as well.

I know $10.00 is an expensive bag of coffee but when you buy it you are directly helping a coffee farmer earn a fair wage and also helping us raise money to go work with Orphans in Ethiopia. PLUS you get some great Java!!!! Win win all around.


AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Hey, I can't see the writing too well. Are there any flavors and if so what are each one? We would love to order a couple.
In Christ, Aimee'
Erin Moore said…
Are they 1 pound bags? Do they come in whole bean or just ground?
Elysa said…
Are you mailing them to people or do I just need to find an excuse to drive over to Baton Rouge, finally meet you, and hang out with some HP ministries? ;)

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