Pictures from Abel's Birthday party

With party friends, Jonas, Raisha, Lilly and Gabby..

kids playing baseball in the back yard. We didn't have the party at the park cuz' we were worried it would rain, so we just had it here at the house... and it didn't rain :-)

Abel's cake that Evangeline made. He picked the star shaped pan..

Happy eating cake. yes, the cake is green, again, his request..

Opening gifts..

Lovin' his new Wolverine costume that Reverend and First Lady Boutte got him.

He loved all his gifts and his party.

When I was decorating he kept saying "so pretty mom. Aww, that's so pretty"

Right now him, Dean and Steele are in the living room playing with the race car track that the Kelly's got him and he's still wearing the costume. He just walked up to me and said "Good happy birthday mom."


Erin Moore said… sweet. His happiness makes me smile!
Archie Mck said…
Happy Birthday Abel!

The wolverine costume is awesome but that first picture is fantastic!

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