Every day we have the opportunity to plant seeds in a life. All of us do really.

Sometimes we give breakfast to a homeless man, and in that moment he see's hope for change. Or we give a Rose to a stripper, and for some reason it puts a chip in her hard heart.Sometimes we get to go to an impoverished country to put shoes on the feet of a barefoot street kid or we get to put food in the mouth of a starving child, or a soft embrace to an AIDS orphan.

How do we get to do all this? One way is by sending people on short term missions trip.

And sometimes we get to help a world changer take that first step towards doing such acts and greater for the rest of their lives. That is what we do when we send people on a short term missions trip. Sure, not everyone of them go and come back ready to pack their bags but MANY do. And even more come back with a new resolve to be salt and light in their world. They come back seeing Jesus as the lover of the lost, the hurting the hungry and the homeless. They come back broken for the things that God wants us broken over.

Today, you could click on one of these names of people raising money to go on a short term mission trip and your pledge could possibly be that encouragement they need or that last bit of funds they were doubting would come in.

You could plant a seed.

What if that person is the next Mother Theresa, Ben Rogers, Dave Ohlerking, Mark Buntain, Shane Claiborne, Matthew Barnett or think of any other world changing missionary you know, what if your money sent the next generation of world changers on THE trip where God whisper in their ear "you are called here".

Five dollars, ten dollars, one thousand dollars, whatever you feel led to donate, will help future missionaries.

Pleas plant a seed in these lives today.

// Leah Friedrichs

// Paul Charbonnet

// Dustin Alise

// Elton Veals Jr.

// Jonathan Menck

// Josh-bob


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