I was wrong

Last year about this time I posted THIS post after attending the HPC Missions workshop. The title of the post was "I am not a missionary" well, today I would have to say, I was wrong, I am a missionary.

I only caught the last session today of the workshop but it was just what I needed to hear. I know we are called to Orphans and hurting children. I feel strongly it is the Orphans of Africa. But I also realize that Dean does not feel we are to go live in Ethiopia at this time. I think sometime our part may be to get Evangeline, Steele and Abel ready for the mission field. Or maybe we will just continue the work we currently do in the inner city of Baton Rouge, maybe that is our families mission field. Or maybe God is working on all of us to leave America one day and actually live on the mission field. Right now I don't know. But I do know now that I am a missionary.

As far as Evangeline and I going on the missions trip to Ethiopia this summer. We have raised $150.00 of the $6200.00 we need. We have to turn in 60% of that by next Sunday. THAT seems impossible but I serve a God that likes to work in the impossible.

At the workshop I got so excited about going but I also started to doubt. "Is the timing right?" "will we raise the money?" "Is this Gods will or mine?" so many thoughts run through my head. BUT what I know for sure is I may take off running like a spastic, excited freak, in the direction I feel He's leading, and as long as I am seeking Him and His will, I am more then ok with him tripping me up, making me fall flat on my face, or hitting a closed locked door head on, If that's what He has to do to keep me from NOT doing the right thing. It hurts, but I'd rather that then to be out of His will.

Honestly though, I think my greatest fear is that this is His will, we will go, and it will be a hard, life changing trip that I can hardly take, and feeling like I want to go live on the mission field will get even stronger.


Erin Moore said…
we are more alike than different, you and I.

...maybe it's because we're both daughters of The Most High.

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