Today the kids and I are making signs for Servolution. We are making a bunch that say "FREE" on them because everything we do for SERVOLUTION is free.

What is SERVOLUTION? Well for a couple years now our church, Healing Place has done this one day church wide outreach. The entire church serves the community somewhere, people from all the campuses do everything from cleaning battered women's shelters, painting houses in the inner-city and fun days for kids in the foster care system to handing out coal for heating and cooking in Mozambique Africa.

But this year, instead of one day of SERVOLUTION, we took it up a notch and made it "7 days of SERVOLUTION" and over 200 other churches are also joining in on the fun.

Yes, I said "FUN" cuz' it is very fun. You know how your really tired after a day at Disney world or shopping? Well after doing SERVOLUTION your that kind of tired. Good tired, from enjoyment...even though you work. BUT the reason you feel so good, is you were a part of helping someone else, doing something for a needy, sick, hungry or incarcerated person, so at the end of the day or week you embrace the "tired".

The thing is, people say "well this should be a year round thing, not just a day or a week, and I say, your exactly right. The most powerful message, the true spirit of Christ seen in man, is when we always help, always give and always love. This week long "event" is basically to encourage and equip the churches involved to hopefully see that they can implement many of these serving outreaches year round.

HPC and many other churches encourage it's members to be a light all the time. I have posted many stories on here about changed lives, people coming to know Christ from being fed breakfast, their car washed, given a bottle of Snapple, eating bar-b-q at a street party or getting a bag of groceries. Because in that moment they saw Jesus serving them. Letting them know they were not forgotten. Yes, of course we tell them about Jesus, and sometimes we use words.

So, I'm excited about SERVOLUTION. I'm excited about the week of outreaches. I'm also excited about the book Pastor Dino wrote guessed it, SERVOLUTION. It will be coming out next month also. I have had the awesome privilege of reading rough drafts of it, and I say without bias, it will be a huge resource for churches to be able to serve their community.

If you haven't signed up for SERVOLUTION click on;

And do it today.

You can also go to to read about what HPC does year round.

Just at the BRDC Healing Place campus, where our family serves, this is a list of things we will be involved in.

Saturday, April 4th
- meet at one of these sign in post at 10am
-Winbourne and Plank- street clean up, grilling, business outreach and more.
-Desire Street Academy-school makeover-3852 Brookstown Drive
-BRDC- Painting, business outreach and water giveaway

Sunday, April 5th- Easter Picnic at the BRDC, 11am

Monday, April 6th- Monday night outreach- meet at the BRDC at 5:30pm

Tuesday, April 7th-BRDC Kids (ages 6-11) field trip, meet at BRDC at 5pm

Wednesday, April 8th- Hispanic outreach-meet at BRDC 12 noon

Thursday, April 9th - No Place Outreach homeless breakfast (special twist on the weekly breakfast to honor veterans)

and remember, it's all FREE!!


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