Drawing Abel

Last night I had the most wonderful bonding time with Abel.

Steele and Dean went to bed early because Steele had a little fever (like E had the day before) and Dean was feeling sick too. E was reading her Twighlight book on the couch and I was sitting at the computer desk coloring a drawing I have been working on. Abel came over to me and said "mom, you draw?" then pointed at himself.

So I had him sit on the stool like he was posing for a portrait, I studied his face as he sat lifting his eyebrows and trying not to crack up laughing, then I started drawing.

He would laugh when I would draw his lips crooked, and he said his head was too big up top at one point. When I drew the lines below his nose and the creases that go from the side of the nose down to the mouth, he asked "What is this?" and I rubbed my fingers on his face to show him the areas. Then he would trace the lines on his face pondering the discovery of these newly found indentions.

I had to erase many times, I am not really good at drawing people. But in the end he was happy with it.

"That's me!" He said to me and ran to show sissy (that's what they call Evangeline) "look Sissy, it's me!"

Abel starting to color the portrait of himself.


Erin Moore said…
this post makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

thanks for letting us peek in at this moment in your life.

big smiles!!
Leah Reeves said…

We are getting ready to use IAG for our adoption from Ethiopia. Can you please email me so I can ask a few questions, Thanks


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