Dedicating Abel

Tonight at church we will be dedicating Abel. It's a time where we go up and the pastors pray over our family, for the furture of our new child, and prays that he will serve God with his life. It's really cool. It's usually babies being dedicated but tonight there will our precious 7 yr old Abel and our church family will get to see the child they ALL help come home.

We will all have on clothes from Ethiopia and I will be wearing my newly shortened Ethiopian traditional dress.

If you want to watch the dedication. you can click on

at 5pm. They will sing for about 15 minutes then do the dedication.


Erin Moore said…
That picture is absolutely perfection!

...was it taken in Ethiopia?
Carole Turner said…
Yes, at the guest house we were staying at, my friend Dawn took it. I love it too!

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