a couple things I think are wrong with the church today..

I know a preacher that tells people it's wrong to use birth control, says that the use of birth control is what's wrong with the church today. YET while they are busy populating the bayou with their "Holy" seed, over 100 million Orphans world wide need families or financial support so they can stay with extended family, or to get medication, food, an education, a home to live in, and live to hear the gospel. Why not adopt, sponsor a child or fund an orphanage. Maybe be concerned with the kids starving to death NOW instead of condemning people who use birth control? A little balance may be in order here.

I know a preacher that asked a wealthy man for money to go on a trip to Europe to "preach" there, while he drove off in a paid for shiny new BMW and his wife in an Escalade. Then he told the congregation about how prosperous he was financially. How many people BESIDES himself could he send to the nations preaching the word if he sold the pimp daddy $40,000.00 cars and bought $20,000 vehicles? Again, how about some balance in the faith department?

The thing is, I used to be one of the anti birth control-let's populate the earth with our own version of "Godly" kids people and I also used to think God wanted us spoiled, privileged Americans to have lots of money and stuff to prove how "blessed" we were by God, while the heathen world died in their starvation and pain because they were being punished by the God who wanted me to drive a BMW.

It's all whaked and messed up theology that right now, today, needs to be reevaluated in light of scripture. In light of the time we are living where there is no longer an excuse for ignorance, we know and we will be held responsible for what we DON'T do with the knowledge.

I know this will tick some people off, and I'm sorry.


Unknown said…
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Anderson Crew said…
I think the popular movement of "name and claim it, God wants you to have it" days will have to come to an end...when the people realize they are "naming and cliaming" for all the wrong things and it is not fruitful, because it is not of God.
If we are not under attack it is because our spiritual walk is so weak it is not worth the Devil's time to waste on it...
Anonymous said…
Those things can get on my nerves, too. I (we) just need to stay focused on what God is doing in us. I think people are in different stages and seasons, and it requires mercy from all of us. I've never adhered to the prosperity thing. I have, as you know, dabbled in the birth control thing. It's like all good intentions- you have to beware of pride in how godly we are. yuk.
Melinda said…
I couldn't agree more! I love what you have to say Carole, because you not only call it like it is, but you are doing something about the things you see wrong and you are truly walking the walk. Keep it up!

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