Video's from when we first met Abel

Ok, I finally got these uploaded. I tried to catch the minute we met Abel on Video, and I did but then turned it off for a minute, so I could soak in the moment.

This first one is that initial meeting. I sound terrible cuz' I'm crying.

I love seeing Ashley in the back ground also meeting his new son's for the first time. Him and Jullian adopted the two deaf boys.

This second video is Abel showing us the photo album we sent him. He wanted to see Sister (Evangeline) and Brother (Steele).

Again, I was still crying so I sound like a freak.

I have a few more of them just playing and also of his girlfriend Tes dancing so I will try to get all of them loaded.

All our video's can be seen at Our YouTube site,


Erin Moore said…
oh my goodness, now I'm a freaky crier! I loved the way he lit up when he saw his room and his new house.

What a special moment in your lives. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your blog has been such a blessing to me!

Anonymous said…
Oh so sweet! It must have been SO HARD not to just SMOTHER him with hug and kisses and to restrain yourselves!
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Ok, this brings back so many memories when we were getting Henry, Heidi, and Anthony in their orphanage. There is so many emotions and so many thoughts and all of this is happening while others are watching. I would not change that experience for the world! I know what you mean about wanting to adopt again. I have the thoughts as well. How can you not though when you have seen the reality of what these precious children live in and that they do not have a family to call their own..... yeah, I probably will always want to adopt again. I really hope it never goes away because then I believe I have gotten lukewarm to the reality of orphans. So may God use me and your and others desires and passion for the orphan for His glory!!
Anonymous said…
Carole, I have so loved watching all of your videos of the whole experience with you guys and Abel. He seems like such a sweet kid. I'm happy for you all. Keep the videos coming!!!!

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