Two boys!!

In just one week I have discovered that two boys make lots more trash, double the wash, food intake and a lot more of me saying "shut the door!"

Steele has already taught Abel how to pee in the back yard ON THE Jumbo Lego's Wagon, how to torture Evangeline by messing with stuff in her room and how to say "Fart" and "Penis".

Abel is teaching Steele how to do a hand stand against the wall.

and how to scale both the wood fence and the iron gate!

They sleep together, bathe together, lay on the little Spiderman couch watching TV together.

I love that we now have TWO boys ;-)


Erin Moore said…
Boys are awesome!

I love this post!! ...My heart feels all warm and fuzzy.

What is the age difference between Steele and Abel?
Carole Turner said…
Steele will turn 5 on May 21st and Abel 7 on March 26th.
Anonymous said…
Hey Carole,
I'm SO HAPPY for you AND Abel. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every minute and be ever so blessed.
We miss you at the Dream Center!
Anonymous said…
I feel you. I hope no one gets impaled on the iron fence. You know I love my boys. You can clank their heads together, and they will be fine. I'm so happy for all of you.

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