Thoughts and Pictures from Ethiopia

Rosie with her adorable baby boy Andraus. Rosie and Mike were the only family with us that adopted an infant. We all enjoyed holding and kiss him!

Ashley and Jullian with Yurad and Issac. Both boys are deaf. Jullian is a sign language instructor and had told Ashley when they got married many years ago that one day she wanted to adopt deaf kids.

Our driver, Bebe, with some of the kids. Driving in Addis is crazy!! There is no such thing as tail gating, everyone drives an inch or two apart. Seriously! There is no need for stop signs or traffic lights, you just honk or yell out the window at the other drivers. Bebe actually bumped a guy walking behind us that was not moving out of the way fast enough. Neither guy acted like this was strange. People and cars go together, inches apart on roads. YET we didn't see even one accident. The drivers there got mad skills. We drive so fast here, they don't.

A normal street side in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

See the wood ramps? That is Eucalyptus. They use it for building. They carry concrete up these very unstable looking ramps. It's crazy to watch.

Lady construction workers, working in dresses. Men make about $80.00 a month, not sure if women make the same.

These Donkey's are carrying concrete to a construction site.

Tigrest and Johnny, the night and day desk clerk at the Guest House where we stayed and Dawn, Ashley, Me Dean and Bernie is doing my Bunny Ears.

A house in the middle of town that had more yard then I saw anywhere else really.

A road side store, all stores are like this, no Walmart or anything even close to it. They are all more like 10 by 10 rooms or smaller.

There are always people walking around, like this, everywhere all the time. It's like Bourbon Street on a spring day 365 days a year.

There are car washes everywhere! Sheep and car wash, together, in a dirt field. People who have cars really try to take care of them because not many people have them.

Two of the Nannies from the Orphanage with Bernie and Dawn and their new daughter Tes. She is from Tigray, where Abel is from and him and her spoke the same language. It was fun watching them talk. They really liked each other. We got really close to Dawn and Bernie, like immediate friends. We hope to go see them this Summer in Indiana when we go to Dean's Niece's wedding in Ohio.

I can't stop thinking about Ethiopia. I miss it. I talked to Dawn yesterday and she said the same thing. I MOST DEFINITELY left a part of my heart there.

I have so much I want to say but have yet to get my head around it enough to compose a post.

I will soon, you know me, I have to get it out :-)


Anonymous said…
Carole. I LOVE seeing every photo from when you were in Ethiopia. Thanks for sharing them. I wish all us families lived in the same area so we could hang out. Keep posting about how it's your heart, and in your home.

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