Thank you Ethiopia

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It's no secret that I love Katie Herzig's music. I discovered her on the Mocha Club site, they use her song "Shovel" for their video about Africa. It's powerful.

Well when I was thinking of making a slide show of our trip, I knew immediately what song I would use, Katie Herzig's "Wish you well" is about parting. The words say everything I pictured all the kids who are no longer orphans saying to the rich Heritage they leave behind.

As for me it says, Thank you Ethiopia, we will never forget you.


the Matt family said…
this video is beautiful and i love that song. i am going to have to check that chick out. thank you so much for sharing this journey with all of us- it has a special meaning to chris and me as we begin our own adoption journey.

we are SO happy for you guys, and especially for abel. he's got such an AMAZING family to be a part of. orphan no more... wow.

you rock
Carey said…
Thanks so much for the video. I'm sure I'll watch it many times.

And all the information on your site. I'm eating it up!
Erin Moore said…
Great video, I can't wait to go!
Anonymous said…
At 1:56 into the song is the absolute PERFECT pic of Abel. I am so happy for you all. Thank God for people like you Carole!
Anonymous said…
i LOVE him!! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Thanks for taking us along the journey...I kept up with the twits and vicariously went to Ethopia. Thanks!

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