Slumdog Millionaire


So many movies now are just crap, or at best just like all the others.

This movie was so great but almost too hard for me to watch. It is about Orphans. Yes, it's a love story but it is a love story between Orphans. It tells the awful reality of what life is like for many orphans in places like India. Of course, a lot of it reminded me of Ethiopia, the street kids, the busy streets, the poverty and sadly the reality of what orphans have to deal with.

I took Evangeline and even though it has an R rating, I would recommend it to anyone 12 or older. It's got one F word in it, a handful of other words and some violence but not to much. It all serves to paint the picture of the life these kids live, it's not gratuitous and more teens need to see movies like this.

It really is such a great movie. I hope it wins every award it is up for.

GO see it.


Anonymous said…
I am a doctor, I live in Mexico City, is there a way that I can adopt the kids from slum dog millionare??? I am divorce and only have one beautiful 7y/0 child.
Let me know please.

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